Who’s The Girl With Bangs?

Sabena. Bena. Bean. Sabena the Hyena. Bena Bear. Queen Bean.

I’ve gone by many names in my day… but why in the world would I choose “Queen Bean” as a title for a blog?! Well, let me take a few moments to explain and introduce myself. ๐Ÿ˜Š

Brought into our society as Sabena has made me truly appreciate how cool it is to have been blessed with an uncommon name — Especially one that entails your name being on an airplane. Fun fact: I was originally named after an airline over in Belgium called Sabena (Go Google It โœˆ).

Fortunately, the girl you see online is the same bubbly person you’d have a conversation with at a local coffeehouse. โ˜•โค Speaking of coffee, it’s honestly one of my favorite things along with:

  • The band KISS – I remember a younger me rocking out to their Destroyer cassette when we lived up near the Twin Cities.
  • Working Out – Endorphins are a human’s best friend as they bring a positive feeling to the body. Once you start working out regularly, it becomes a part of you. I crave the awareness I receive as my body gets stronger day by day.
  • Self-Development – Our lives move in the direction of our strongest thoughts. I want to manifest my goals being brought to real-time and obtain a frequency so high that obstacles don’t stand a chance.

Now that you know a few interests of mine, what lead me to create a “Queen Bean” blog? Honestly, I never thought about starting a blog until a few weeks ago when my Fiance, Isaac (who calls me Queen Bean all the time), told me that he believed I could do great things as a blogger. I care about people and truly wish to be a positive light for them to follow as life passes… This looked like an opportunity to do just THAT.

Never Be Afraid To Take One Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone — It Could Lead To The Life Shift You’ve Been Waiting For.

-Queen Bean


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