How I Conquered The Battle of Being Shy

It’s an uncomfortable feeling.

The one of being in a room full of people and not thinking of a single word to say. Wishful thoughts racing through your brain of not having to shake someone’s hand and introduce yourself, for your palms feel completely saturated from nerves. Small talk isn’t a thing at this point in your life and you would rather just be home snuggled under a blanket, hiding from the world.

Oh, how things can turn around.

My eyes were opened the last few years when placed in uncomfortable situations that put me in a state of being scared + nervous about the unknown. ‡

Firstly, I quit my full-time PR job to start my own LLC (This is my main source of income at the moment, but plan on obtaining income from multiple sources in the near future.) Secondly, I ran with network marketing and gave it my all, but my team wasn’t in it with me for the long haul. Lastly, I began trading in the Forex Market and lost a lot of $$$ (To this day I’m still trading, but it’s not as big of a focus as it once was.)

Everything happens for a reason.

I’ve come to discover that without these challenges, any other human (including myself) wouldn’t have a chance to reach our fullest potential and grow into the person we were meant to become. Being shy doesn’t define you and mean that you’re ideas aren’t worth sharing with a group of any number. Any thought generated in your mind could have the ability to set your family up for financial success in the coming generations … and you’re about to let a little bit of shyness hold you back?! Oh, heck no. ☝😊

What made me finally step out from behind the curtain of quietness?

Well, here are 5 ways I found to help me during that specific time in my life and now have become daily habits:

  1. Listening to Motivational Videos on YouTube every chance I get, whether that be when I’m working from my computer, cooking dinner in the kitchen with Isaac, or crushing a workout in my personal gym. 🎧
  2. Speaking to myself when times seem negative and at an all-time low. Sometimes you just have to give yourself a pep talk, gain momentum, and GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD.πŸ’ƒWe usually make things a whole heck of a lot worse than they actually are.
  3. Being forced into leadership opportunities, even when all my inner being wanted to do was watch from a place of comfort on the sidelines.πŸ™ˆ Embrace & run with it – You will be surprised by how strong you really are!
  4. Reading books revolving around the idea of personal development. We all want to make more money & be successful, right?! READ. πŸ“š Knowledge gained while absorbing a good read will bring the wealth to the mind + your bank account will showcase that.
  5. Surrounding myself with others who forced me to level up in life. I want to ask you… Who is among the top 5 people you associate with most?πŸ™‹ (Look to see if their habits, traits, and abilities mirror yours.)

Each morning your eyes open for a new day, you should praise the Lord above and ask yourself:

What would the best version of myself do to make this the most EPIC day YET?!

You are worth it. ❀

-Queen Bean


  1. Reflections of a Swamper

    First, thank you for following my blog! I have had a chance to read some of the decisions you have made and plans for your future and feel you will succeed in becoming stronger, better and more purposeful in what you want to achieve. Money is nice too but so many people lust after it and not the accomplishments earned by experience and learning. I will be back to watch your progression! Have a great adventure!

    Liked by 2 people


    First of all I kindly thank you for the follow, Sabena. I really appreciate this. I see your blog is an outer and inner journey. An outer one because you have traveled to many places on earth, but also a journey to the inner self when you tell us how you have dealt with the issue of shyness and insecurity before others. I can especially relate to point 3: We are indeed forced to come out of our shell when we assume leadership opportunities. For me, this has been and is my job as a foreign language teacher. Having become the leader of a group of students has helped me be a speaker in public, also my activism on promoting the daily use of bicycles as an alternative means of transport. Thus I have been interviewed on radios and local TVs of my country, Catalonia, especially in the Barcelona area. And last, my great passion for dancing, which has made me act on stage with others or alone. – Marta

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  3. Stacey Lynn

    Amazing πŸ™‚ I have, in times past, been called a “hermit” myself! Lol, a shy introvert turned blogger… imagine that! I’m so glad you’re here and sharing and I look forward to hearing more as I dive into you blog. Have a great day!

    Liked by 1 person

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