Friendship Set On Fire: Our Proposal Story

It was one moment in time that everything clicked into place.

Isaac and I met during our days at Tea Area (in a tiny town within South Dakota) and fortunately started talking during High School. I heard a little “secret” one day that he had a crush on me, so eventually I was persuaded to go out together after finishing the ACT during our Junior year. It was such a good time with positive vibes all around and I couldn’t get over how hilarious Isaac was! I learned later on that he was a nervous wreck the whole time.😂 (Our first picture together below)


Like most couples, we’ve had periods during our relationship where it should have torn us apart – Arguments that would turn into not speaking to each other, moments where we didn’t know if we wanted to be together, and trying to overcome obstacles that usually ended up with making the other person jealous or feeling heartbroken. 😩 On the other hand, unlike most couples, each year that went by we’ve felt closer and more connected than the one before. Relationships take an unimaginable amount of work, but if you wake up each morning and decide that you do want to be with this person … Why not give them the world?🌎

Fast forward to now, we’ve been dating for almost 8 years ( 2 of those engaged,) which leads me to my next story of how he asked me to be his wife…


Isaac and I planned a getaway out to Maui for our 6 year anniversary, which was a place on my Bucket list! The night of our anniversary, he made reservations at Merriman’s in Kapalua, HI (pictured above) to celebrate –Little did I know there was more than just dinner planned! Merriman’s is set right along the ocean, with the best experience around for dinner and drinks. We were a little ahead of our reservation time, so we decided to head around back the outdoor lounge area, where there were beautiful string lights strung across the grounds. Isaac briefly told me, ” I’ll be right back,” so I sat back and looked at the ocean while the sun started setting.

This is where it starts to get GOOD. Isaac wandered back to where I was and took my hand as we walked down to a grassy area closer to the ocean. We stood in amazement looking out at the waters as he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him in the most surreal place ever. I remember the flow of emotions in the air and within.

We are so excited to be finally becoming Mr. and Mrs. Carter next July! 😍

What was your engagement experience like? I’d love to hear your stories!

– Queen Bean


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