Do You Know Someone Who Always Brings Up The Past?

We all know that one person…

The one who has a problem for every solution and story to tell in any situation. It’s a simple gesture like meeting up with this individual that could turn your day a complete 180 degrees.😞

Memories of the past can be great to reminisce on, but when a nugget is brought up intentionally to hurt a friend, family member, or acquaintance, that is something of darkness that lies within. Better yet, they love talking about themselves and boasting about happenings from their younger years. I’ve witnessed it firsthand.

One moment they’re in the present moment ➡ Next, they are searching their experiences of the good and bad type.

Stuck in their ways and habits, I’ve discovered that they “want” to change, but no true action is ever taken. Over time, this exact rut diminishes excitement and motivation to look forward to what lies ahead.🙅

As I burst out of my comfort zone while typing this, I’ve realized that unfortunately, most people do know someone like this. My heart feels for you. I’d love to spread positivity into your life with some tips that have helped me overcome letting it affect my views and mood.💓

  1. Stray from negativity – Plain and Simple… Spending time with these people can be enjoyable (but usually not.)
  2. Maintain a positive mindset/attitude – You are the one in control of the brain inside your head. There will be days that your faith and you will feel tested, react wisely. (Always remember that ❤)
  3. Only share events of importance – From personal experience, I’ve come to find out that sometimes we are better off just keeping some information to ourselves. There have been moments where being in the wrong in the past has been brought up a time or two…. and I think to myself – how is that relevant to now?
  4. Be more than a soundboard – You may have noticed that conversations with an individual like this can be really hard, meaning you’re more than likely getting talked at than with. Remember to step in whenever you feel comfortable and would like to respond, even if you have to repeat yourself.
  5. Focus on your own life – Every human breathing right at this very moment has their problems. Focus on yourself and avoid getting worked up over the issues going on in other households — Keep those blinders on! 😊

Everyone has different paths they take in life, most of which follow the road maps of how our society lays it out for us.

Be different. Be bold. Be present. Most importantly, be so positive that negative minds can’t help but get more upset by talking to you.

Nothing can break you… You are a Diamond.💎

-Queen Bean


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