Habits: They Make or Break You

Your dream life could be one habit away from your current reality.

It’s all a matter of choice. Do you want to change or remain at the same level in life this time next year?

Pulling back the layers of what makes you who you are, reveals your true beliefs, standards, opinions, and habits. They are hidden in your daily routine – can you recognize them?

Quick Suggestion: Find a pen + paper and start jotting down the habits that weigh you down AND lift you up. 😊 It will be easier to take corrective action from that point on.

One day while diving into personal development, I stumbled upon The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins. It was fascinating how big of an impact our brains have on our day and productivity. By placing the concept into a nutshell, it looks like the following…

If you have an impulse to act on a goal, you must physically move within 5 seconds or your brain will kill the idea.

Imagine life if you didn’t hesitate one moment you tested your limits and you ended up outside your comfort zone. Honestly, it can be a scary, nerve-wracking place that gets your blood pumping through your veins so fast that you might feel the urge to retreat back to where you started. πŸ’ƒ Flipping perspective though can bring insight into who you can become and how it can impact living day to day.

3 Ways You Can Amplify Your Results In Making Or Breaking A Habit:

1. Repetition – I’ve heard time and time again that “Discipline and repetitive action will bring success.” When most people say that they want to lose weight or start saving money, are they taking the actions necessary for such results? When I began my weight loss journey, I decided to replace my morning coffee with green tea 🍡(most of the time – life is about balance) and didn’t really enjoy the taste at first. Most habits you will need to push + force yourself to take action — This will being the momentum you will need to sustain for the long run.πŸ‘

2. Find your “WHY” – This may or may not be an easy one for you, depending on how strong willed you are! You will start by asking and reminding yourself daily, “Why do I want to build/break this habit?” Your WHY could be tied to family, self-esteem, health… the list goes on.❀

3. Surround yourself with others who have the same vision as you – The energy of whoever occupies your inner circle is greatly important and can even influence the results you acquire. I’ll give the example of an individual striving to grow into a better version of themselves within the mental department. They may have battled having low confidence, being shy, or feeling like the world controls their outcomes until they discovered personal development. Now, they might have a partner that isn’t on board with the whole “self-care” thing and ends up being negative towards the idea of growth. In the end, what type of results do you think will be achieved? (This ultimately matters most 😊)

Change your perspective to change your world and add a dash of positivity. 🌎😘

-Queen Bean


  1. Eva

    I am an avid fan of the concept Repetition. I try to follow this in my day to day life most especially. Coz if you are so used to something, it becomes a habit and later on it becomes ingrained and a part of you.

    Liked by 1 person

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