The Mid-Twenty Crisis

Sweaty palms.

Heart racing.

Shortness of breath.

… It all happened in an instant while being overwhelmed with the daily grind. 😧

From a very young age, I started noticing that society begins to mold us without the earliest cognitive recognition on our parts. We are encouraged to graduate from high school, move on to higher education (more than likely a local college), get a decent paying job, and eventually move on to the next stage of life by getting married, purchasing a home, and having children.

That is the “American Dream”, right?!? … If it was, we would have more happiness than we would know what to do with!

99% of people in my age group are content and bored out of their minds, leaving the remaining 1% the opportunity of a lifetime to chase their dreams. ☁

LISTEN UP. If you don’t want to remain stagnate for the rest of 2019, consider this:

  • Stop Believing The “Little Lies” – When things aren’t going as planned our minds tend to tell ourselves that we should be “farther along in life” or “I don’t want to go to work today. My job completely sucks.” It’s crazy how much these thoughts can affect our mood, overall outlook, and habits. Defeat the lies and replace them with gratitude.🙌
  • Remain In The Moment – Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the future, that the present just slips by… No wonder time goes by so fast. When you plan a fun night out with friends or a family vacation, every ounce of your being should be there. Soak it all in.🎉
  • Actively Avoid Advice From Negative Nancies – They have a problem for every solution and feel as if the world is out to get them. Life doesn’t have to be the same for you. The dream you shared with them is a reminder for what they lost so many years ago. You are different.😊
  • Feeling Stressed? Try This – Overcome oncoming stress with breathing exercises, along with yoga or meditation to calm the mind, muscles, and soul. Focusing on the action of a deep breath is liberating and can bring you back to the present moment.💕
  • Be Adventurous – When was the last time you did something for the first time? Shatter some glass ceilings and get unstuck from your normal routine. New inspiration will fall into your lap, along with new hobbies to spend your free time on.🎨

In the words of Eleanor Roosevelt, “Today is the oldest you’ve ever been, and the youngest you’ll ever be again.” Remember… age is just a number and doesn’t define you or the things you are capable of in this beautiful life. We must be happy with what we’ve got when we’re in pursuit of what we want.

Enjoy the journey. ☀

-Queen Bean


  1. Vanessa

    Love this post ❤️ You said so many important things! I particularly like the fact that you talked about how society shapes us to think that we need to go through a path that only serves the continued “stupidification” of the masses. Thank you! ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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