Freedom: A State Of Mind

Do you crave the feeling of being free in this noisy world?

This girl right here does 🙋 …. and you most likely do too!

The term “Freedom” resembles something different to each of us. To some, it is precious time spent with our loved ones rather than being away from home at a job we despise. For others, it is the opportunity to travel the world and make an impact while doing so. Most of all, I believe that the majority of people I associate with are striving for Financial Freedom.

If you look beyond the walls of your daily routine, you’ll find that our society is incredibly money-driven which leads to multiple pros and cons…

  • Wealth and Opportunity will ALWAYS be available to you every single day. Have a dream job that will bring freedom of time to your schedule? Do whatever it takes to make it manifest into reality.
  • If you’re TOO focused on the money, it won’t bring happiness in the long haul.
  • It’s unnecessary to be too hard on yourself — If you need to take a step back and evaluate the current path you’ve found yourself on, it’s truly ok. Taking the time to set yourself up for greatness is necessary to level up.
  • Remember this: Money is a tool that will help me reach my fullest potential… that is ALL.

BUT, we set aside that whole concept to find that being free revolves around our perspective. Freedom finds me most when I’m exploring new beautiful destinations across the globe and making memories with my loved ones. Anything I purchase among this journey will bring minor happiness compared to what is accomplished and whose lives I can impact.   💕

We have the FREEDOM to set ourselves apart from the norm. Take advantage of the opportunity and chase after your dreams. You ONLY have today to fail forward. If you take life on one day at a time, you will soon realize that there’s no point in getting stressed out about tomorrow or even 5 years from now.

When and where do you feel most free?



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