Stop Playing The Comparison Game

How many hours a day do you spend scrolling through social media?

For most, it’s a number that one would rather sweep under the rug than showcase for all to see.

Does it make you happy?

Well… it can bring up those positive thoughts and feelings, along with suppressed negative emotions that you’re trying to overcome daily. It’s a 50/50 shot y’ all!

There’s a crazy amount of people (including myself 😓) that have played the Comparison Game a few too many times. We’re scrolling the highlight reel of our “friends” life … and before you know it, you’ve already started finding things that are wrong with yours.

We strive for perfection yet when we fall short, the feeling of failure lingers around us. It’s human nature to have problems — embrace that shit and fail forward. ❤

When checking my social media, I try to remember these three things:

  • All Online Platforms Are An Outlet For Us – Most use their accounts as a way to display all the amazing things happening in their daily life, while others reveal too much information for all to see. Learn to find a happy medium and run with it! 💃
  • Everyone Is Fighting Their Own Battles – It’s human nature to have problems. We ALL have them and always will. If you see someone online that portrays a “perfect” life (one without working hard, having breakdowns, and disagreements with their significant other) they are showing you what they want you to see .. when you realize this, it’s a gamechanger.🙌
  • Compare Yourself To Yourself – I feel like we’re programmed from a young age to look at who has “greener grass” than us and we forget to water our own. Compare the small wins accomplished by you over time — That’s where you will see progress, which should bring happiness upon your heart. 😘

Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Adventure outside and spend more time making memories than browsing online.

It will be worth it — LIFE is what you make it.

-QueenBean ✨


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